Say Cheese!

Ile de France Brie

Ile de France Brie

It has been said that Charles de Gaulle once uttered the seminal and lactose-inspired words: “How can you govern a country where there are 246 different types of cheese?”

Ile de France makes three of them.

The company held a contest for the best recipe using the brand’s camembert, brie, and fresh goat cheese. The three winning recipes are as follows:

Second Runner Up: Double Chocolate Zucchini Cupcakes filled with Chocolate Ganache and Topped with Creamy Goat Cheese Frosting

Ile de France Cupcake

Photograph from Ile de France

Runner Up: Open-Faced Ile De France Brie and Chicken Salad Sandwich

Grand Prize Winner: Grilled Polenta, Goat Cheese, and Tomato Stacks with Roasted Garlic Aioli and Herb Oil Drizzle

Ile de France Polenta

Photograph from Ile de France

For me though, I think the grand prize should go to Jamie Oliver, in whose new book the Ministry of Food I found a recipe for camembert pasta, in which hot pasta is drizzled with the insides of a baked wheel of camembert cheese studded with herbs and garlic.

Imagine what we could do with 245 more cheeses. Say cheese!

What would be your prize-winning French cheese recipe?

French Revolution loves cheese

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One Response to Say Cheese!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Roast pork with goat cheese and honey- it’s my favorite for dinner parties. It actually works with pork chops very well too, and the original recipe was for lamb chops (Elle a table, about 2 years ago?)