French Revolution is on Twitter!

I know that my generation is supposed to be at the forefront of the modern technological revolution. But frankly, French Revolution is as far as I thought I’d ever go. And now, I’m facing the final frontier.

French Revolution is on Twitter!

Don’t miss a tweet. Subscribe to FrenchRev right now. The link and details are on the righthand sidebar under “Twitter.”

So, what’ll it be? Trick, or tweet?

I vote the latter.

In other technological news, I’ve decided to send out my posts to subscribers as a weekly newsletter. So, instead of receiving an email every time I post, you’ll receive one weekly with all that week’s posts included. This can only last as long as FeedBurner remains down, but I thought we’d give it a try. I also understand that some subscribers have been receiving double emails! I am trying to sort this all out. I apologize for any frustrating inbox overloads! And do let me know your opinions on the issue.

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