All the Pretty Little Paris Meals

Chocolate Ice Cream and Raspberry-Rose Sorbet from Berthillon

Chocolate Ice Cream and Raspberry-Rose Sorbet from Berthillon

I just got back from a weekend in Paris–breathless! It seems a touch self-indulgent, and I certainly hope I don’t make any readers smug and miserable, but I had to share with you what I ate:


  • Warm white asparagus with vinaigrette and baguette, with French onion soup on rue de Buci
  • A fresh galette sarrasin made before my eyes and stuffed with only shredded Gruyère from L’Avant Comptoir
  • Lobster salad with chiffonade preserved lemon peel, purple potato chips, sucrine lettuce, avocado, and haricots verts remoulade was followed by a seasonal assiette de legumes, a little pot of creamy brebis with honey, and a vanilla pot de creme, my favorite, at Le Comptoir. And a requisite carafe de vin blanc.


  • A smoked salmon tartine with half a pain au chocolat and a pink grapefruit pressé at Les Deux Magots.
  • Peaches and pears bought from the fruit market on rue de Seine and devoured on the point of Ile de la Cité.
  • A little coupe of ice cream–dark chocolate ice cream and my favorite signature raspberry rose sorbet–from Berthillon.
  • A lunch of flûte, caviar d’aubergines, and tomme noire de Pyrenées, bought from Monoprix, was devoured in the Luxembourg gardens
  • Dinner at Pères et Filles. Tartare of crab, cucumber, and green apple, and more white asparagus with herb vinaigrette. Then, seven-hour braised lamb shank and fennel with rosemary, and a veal milanese with black olive polenta. Another bottle of white. And for dessert, Grom pistachio and vanilla.


  • Another smoked salmon tartine and pamplemousse pressé at Les Deux Magots.
  • Back to Le Compoir for a three-hour lunch with friends. A bottle of Côtes de Provence.
  • Mozzarella sweating milk and covered with fresh spring basil pistou. A salad of sucrine and spring vegetables. And then tuna, just seared, with loose Provençal pistou and tapenade, topped with a garden of soft, sweet, seared spring vegetables. Riz au lait with fresh caramel. And the nougat snatched from Mr. English’s espresso saucer.
  • And my last bite at the Eurostar train station: a bag of old-fashioned potato chips. I am an American in Paris, after all.
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6 Responses to All the Pretty Little Paris Meals

  1. Anonymous says:

    The raspberry-rose sorbet looks so heavenly~I even love the name! I went to Berthillon's once & it wonderful.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I looooooooooooooove Berthillon ice cream! Fantastic. (i also love Charlotte de la Isle hot chocolate, just opposite)
    your meals sound excellent.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I went to University in Paris and many a weekend would find me sitting on the river banks with at least two scoops of Berthillion. Lovely!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is there a recipe for raspberry-rose sorbet? I'm not going to Paris in the near future. Thanks.

  5. Anonymous says:

    To make raspberry rose sorbet, buy a really good raspberry sorbet. Leave it out just long enough so that it is slightly soft. Add rosewater to taste, and stir it in as well as possible. Refreeze. I also like to add shards of white chocolate when I add the rosewater.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Monoprix is always a winner, but here's a pro tip: Leader Price almost always has the same stuff for wayyy cheaper.