French in a Flash: Cosmopolitan Kir Royales

RECIPE: Cosmopolitan Kir Royale
Cosmopolitan Kir Royale

Cosmopolitan Kir Royale

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Let’s face it. The holidays give us an excuse to toast the holidays. And while everyone loves a great bottle of wine, to me, festive means cocktails. I love the mad scientist aspect of it: nipping a swig from here or there while mixing and matching for the perfect holiday concoction, flutes bubbling over like test tubes. Maybe that’s just in my kitchen!

But when it comes to holiday cocktails, I like to keep them themed. Usually, on Thanksgiving, I mix Champagne with pomegranate juice, but I’ve just found something so much more festive. Cranberries, perfect for the season, are a wonderful pair for bright oranges. So, I tore page out of the old Cosmo handbook, and added cranberry juice and Triple Sec, an orange liqueur, to Champagne. he Triple Sec makes it taste slightly sweeter and slightly more alcoholic than Champagne on its own. Very fun. And the cranberry juice adds a sweet-tart note, and a beautiful holiday hue. Garnish with a bog-bobbing cranberry or an orange twist, and you have a fun marriage of the Cosmopolitan and the Kir Royale, plus a little something to take the edge off the relatives this holiday season. Santé!

Cosmopolitan Kir Royale
makes 1
Cosmopolitan Kir RoyaleIngredients

  • 1/2 ounce Triple Sec

  • 2 ounces 100% cranberry juice

  • 4 ounces Champagne, very cold

  • 1 cranberry or 1 orange twist for garnish


  1. Add triple sec and cranberry juice to champagne flute. Top with cold Champagne and garnish with cranberry or orange twist. Serve immediately.

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