London’s Calling: Magic Corn

Magic Corn Standg

Magic Corn Stand

This is what I least expected to find in London: a street cart selling nothing but steamed corn.  But yesterday, touring around with Mr. English and Mr. and Mrs. Miami on the South Bank, I saw this stand.  Magic Corn, it read on the sign strapped above the cart.  “Magic corn?”  I thought.    What can it do?

Magic Corn Flavors

Magic Corn Flavors

It was that question that I asked the salesman behind the cart.  He showed me a huge sac of frozen corn kernels, that instead of putting into an oil popper, he put into a huge vat steamer.  No added fat.  I was excited!  Then, he asked what flavor I wanted.  I was torn, but I told him cheese.  He added some suspicious orange cheese spread, and that kind of cheddar popcorn topping to some hot corn in a thermos, and started shaking it like a martini.  He gently poured the nuggets of cheesy corn in a little Styrofoam cup and handed it to me.

Shakin' It, with the Magic Corn Salesman

Shakin' It, with the Magic Corn Salesman

In the cold, damp wind, it felt warm and inviting.  With the little yellow spoon, I tasted my first bite: salty and sweet, and the kernels were big and juicy and popped in my mouth.  It reminded me of that Hidden Valley ranch dressing commercial: “where vegetables are delectable.”  It was a healthy, vegetarian, genius thing.  And I loved it.  The cheese topping was minimal—just a hint of flavor.  The perfect snack—I could even see myself grabbing one for a quick lunch.  Mr. English tells me there’s another stand just outside his office, and apparently it’s really catching on.  Guiltless golden nuggets.  Certainly worth my £2.

Steaming Corn

Steaming Corn

The only real question is what flavor am I going to get next time?  Curry?  Tom Yum?  I actually think I will stick with cheese, or maybe even just ask for plain salt.  I just love that sweet-salty unadulterated crunch of corn, or as Mr. English calls it, sweet corn.  Tomato, tom-ah-to.

Cuppa Corn

Cuppa Corn

Do I think we will be seeing Magic Corn stands sprouting up next to the hotdog carts in New York City?  I doubt it, but I wish they would.  As much as I love the perfect snappy dog on a sweet-soft bun with spicy mustard, I wouldn’t mind a brighter, lighter alternative that didn’t come with a side of guilt.

Magic Cheese Corn

Magic Cheese Corn

Magic Corn

All over London

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6 Responses to London’s Calling: Magic Corn

  1. charlene aquilina says:

    I had this! i thought it was funny at first but was so good!

  2. anna says:

    I had this spicy flavour I think it was mexican chilli and it was so delicious next time Im in east ham Im defintly going to get some

  3. mobeen says:

    brother just i want to know this corns are boilled or with the help of steam

  4. Yaniv says:

    What brand is the corn (i guess it comes in a frozen bags)


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