Welcome back to French Revolution!


Today is a big, big, big, big day (to quote from the great book I just finished: The Hunger Games).  I started this blog, French Revolution, on April 13, 2008.  I can’t take all the credit—it wasn’t my idea.  I wanted to be a food writer.  But that’s not exactly a job title with a clear path.  Everyone needs a break, and it turns out in this day in age, you can give that break to yourself.  My boyfriend, belovedly coined Mr. English on this site, commanded me to start a blog.  I was hesitant: as the team behind this website knows, I am not technically gifted.  So I bought Blogging for Dummies, and French Revolution was born.

Today, at nearly three years old, French Revolution is born again.  It as all thanks to Rose Daniels, of Rose Daniels Design, the brilliant, patient, and visionary web designer whose work you see all over this site.  With her worked the tolerant programmer Alex Bajoris, who explained the workings of websites to me with the generosity afforded to a toddler, and Rae Danneman, whose beautiful drawings, full of personality, illuminate every page of this site.  They managed to take the little seed sprouting in my head, and grow it into the new French Revolution.

When French Revolution began, it gave me an accountable way to test a very specific kind of recipe—easy, renovated French-inspired food.  And while that will always be at the heart of what I do, this new site is going to drop pretense and gimmicks, and just have fun with food.  Let loose a little–something I should do more often.  Here, you’ll find great restaurants, interviews with some pretty fantastic foodies, and recipes, of course.   At the request of those nearest and dearest, I will be doing fast, simple after-work recipes that are healthy and easy.  I will be posting videos of the basics.  I will be cooking from French food magazines.  I will be posting my pieces from The Huffington Post and Serious Eats.  I will be having some fun, and I hope you will too!

Thanks for stopping in.  Take a look around, and sign up for the weekly newsletter so you don’t miss a single recipe or restaurant recommendation.  Thank you, past present and future, for being a part of French Revolution.  It just means the world to me.

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4 Responses to Welcome back to French Revolution!

  1. JIm Nesmith says:

    Congratulations on the new and very beautiful French Revolution. Spectacular design and beautiful presentation of your work. You are an inspiration and a fantastic source for truly great recipes. Thank you.

  2. jon dibenedetto says:

    Oh I so glad your wonderful site is back! I love your recipes & your “stories” are always so great to read! I cant wait to watch your videos later tonite. I always learn a huge amount from you & I think your a amazing resource & treasure!

  3. Yana says:

    I just recently discovered the world of food blogging and was quickly overwhelmed by the huge number of blogs out there. How do I find what I like and still have time to live my (very busy) life? My question was answered when I stumbled on French Revolution. The recipes look delicious, make sense, and are perfect for a busy person who still wants to eat well. But beyond that, the short essays that accompany the recipes are like having a conversation with a food loving friend. This is the blog I want to cozy up with at night.

    Thank you, Kerry and everybody contributing to existence of this delicious version of French Revolution, and congratulations on the new beginnings!