An Almost Free Lunch: The Costco Hot Dog

Costco Hot Dog

Costco Hot Dog

There’s nothing like Costco on a Saturday.  The free samples could keep you going like a wind-up robot until at least dinnertime.  But I don’t stop there.

My friend’s father recently asked me if I’d ever had a Costco hot dog–not one I bought there to make at home, but a concession stand hot dog.  I told him I always see grandparents eating lunch there, but it had never occurred to me to actually stop and sit and eat in Costco.  Who does that?

I do.  I went to the concession stand, and it turns out that for $1.50 you get a more-than-quarter pound hotdog on a potato bun with a 20 ounces refillable soda.  Legend has it that the price has been the same from sometime between 1965 and 1985.  I tell my mom I’m taking her out, and I only have to put down less than $3.50 with tax.  Not too shabby.  The roll is steamed and warm, the hot dog is juicy but snappy and thick.  It’s seriously all the things a hot dog should be.  And you can refill your soda for that price!  The dogs come with sauerkraut (don’t ask for extra; it’s rationed!) or onions, but I don’t like to adulterate perfection.  Some deli mustard, and that big cup of seltzer.  Who knew thrifty could be so delicious?

Available at Costco stores nationwide

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