What I Bring Back From Paris

Red Currants

Red Currants

The great thing about leaving France for another European country is you don’t have to abandon the food right away.  Here’s a list of what I couldn’t leave without:

Tomme Noire des Pyrenées

One of my favorite cheeses.  So expensive in the States; so cheap in France.  I first had it as a summer exchange student in Brest.  It’s dimpled, and soft for a firm cheese, and somewhat sweet and creamy.  I could eat a whole wedge on a whole baguette.

Petit Ecolier Cookies

These are available in the States, but I didn’t want to ride the train without them.  If you weren’t raised on these, go out and buy them right now.  A Petit Beurre cookie with an equal amount of chocolate stamped onto it.  Confection perfection.

Red Currants

I can’t get over the fruit in France.  It’s made me quite the snob actually.  If a fruit isn’t sweet and juicy and ripe at the store, I don’t want to know from it.  The one fruit that is so common in France and that I can never find at home is currants–golden, red, and black.  They are tart, and snap in your mouth like salmon roe.  I forgot to put these in the fridge, and I almost cried when I saw how they’d deteriorated overnight.  At least I had one branch in the hotel room before I left!

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