Writing for a Great New Travel Site: Fathom

FathomFathom is a phenomenal new travel site founded by (in the spirit of full disclosure) my first editor Jeralyn Gerba and Pavia Rosati.  It’s set to fill the space between those flash sale mania sites full of luxury, and the unreliability of TripAdvisor.  Vetted travelers, from veterinarians to celebrities, send in “postcards” from the fabulous places they have been, and the cards, along with additional expertise, are turned into guides the rest of us can use to plan a trip that is interesting, stress-free, and quality.  In short, it’s a way to always have a friend in Paris to tell you where to stay, where to eat, and what to order.  I’ve started writing for them, and here is a peak at a few of the postcards I’ve sent in:

Fathom OctopiA Merry Band of Greek Tourists

Where to stay on the Greek island of Paros, and how to book the ideal boat trip full of sea-swimming and octopus-grilling while you’re there

French Quarter on a Dime

Where to stay in Saint Germain when you’re not made of a million

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