French Finds: Special K, Feuilles de Chocolat Noir

RECIPE: My Must-Have Shopping Stops in France
Special K Feuilles de Chocolat Noir Flakes

A scientific close-up of the best cereal ever.

Eating out in France is definitely something to write home (or blog) about.  But I get even more excited when I’m here about buying “my products”.  That includes orange flower Le Petit Marseillais body wash, spray bottles of organic argon oil, extra fine BIC Cristal pens (really–I bought 30 this week), Monoprix reusable shopping bags (I bought hot pink this week!), Carrefour coolers, and LU Petit Ecolier cookies that I can buy anywhere but only buy when I’m in France, because that’s how I justify the calories.  I have to stop in Princesse tam.tam (best bathing suits ever–Emma Stone is wearing one in Vanity Fair), Petit Bateau (where I get half my striped tees), and Aigle (which I think is fair because they either don’t exist outside of France, or are much cheaper here–I’ve been to all three in Nice and in Aix and Toulouse).  But, I admit, my travel companions may be family, but my French shopping obsessions try their patience, which may be beginning to wear thin.

Special K Feuilles de Chocolat Noir Bag

It's in the bag.

Another thing I MUST GET (I got the extra large box!) is my favorite cereal OF ALL TIME: Special K Feuilles de Chocolat Noir.  Now don’t go rolling your eyes at me that Special K is Special K.  This is different!

Special K Feuille de Chocolat Noir Box

This is the box to find, and buy!

The flakes are different–really multigrain and hearty.  And then there’s the chocolate.  I started eating this cereal I think about 13 years ago, before chocolate became healthy in the States.  I thought it was so cool that you could buy a healthy chocolate cereal.  Feuille de chocolat means “leaves of chocolate,” and it’s like some took a vegetable peeler to a block of good dark chocolate and dropped millions of chocolate curls in among the flakes.  They melt on contact with your tongue.  They are just sweet enough.  I thought when our American Special K Chocolaty Delight came out, it might be a new name for the same thing.  Do NOT be fooled.  Different flakes.  Different chocolate.  On the whole, inferior.  Feuilles de chocolat is where it’s at, and it’s being 8:46 in the morning Toulouse time, I believe I will go pour myself a bowl.

You have to your hands on this stuff!

Note: I just suggested the cereal to Mr. English, and he said “Cereal?!  I can have cereal in London.”  That’s what he thinks.  Let him have his French bread.  Is the word “ignoramus” too harsh?  He approves ignoramus.  More for me!

My Must-Have Shopping Stops in France

Petit Bateau

for striped tees and nightgowns

Princesse tam.tam

for bathing suits and pajamas (the summer sales are killer here)


for fashionable rain boots and sportswear


for little household goods, reusable "green" bags in cute pouches, for great pears and eggplant caviar, for my organic argan oil spray bottles


Because it's the Target of French supermarkets.  I buy neon cooler bags, BIC pens, Petit Marseillais body wash, and, of course, my Dark Chocolate Special K.  And a million other things!

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10 Responses to French Finds: Special K, Feuilles de Chocolat Noir

  1. Marty says:

    I recently discovered your blog, and this is the second post I’m reading…

    totally in love with it.

    It always makes me giddy to find a great blog like yours, with tons of wonderful posts waiting to be read…can’t wait :)

  2. Marty says:

    p.s.–any ideas on where to buy that cereal in America?!

    • Kerry says:

      Marty, thank you! I so appreciate your comment. And as to where to find this cereal in the States–if I knew that, my life would be different! I wish! If you ever find out, please let me know!

  3. Jen/YVR says:

    The spray bottles of argan oil – what are you using it for?

    Heading to Paris in a few weeks, and I can’t wait. Haven’t been in years!

    • Kerry says:

      My Mémé turned me on to Argan oil. She’s from Casablanca, and when she was young there, the women would rub it all over their skin after having a bath. Finally, I tried it. It’s like a naturally dry oil, and it leaves your skin smooth and shiny–I love it. I also put a little bit in the ends of my hair. So, not a culinary oil, but a great one all the same! Mémé actually says she used to use it in salad dressings, but I would have to find a culinary-grade one before I did that. The one I buy is the organic, 100% argon oil from Monoprix (there’s another one next to it that is cut with something else).

      If you’re in Saint Germain when you’re in Paris, you have to check out two of my favorite restaurants:
      Le Comptoir (Carrefour Odéon)
      Bistrot de l’Alycastre (2 rue Clément)

      Have a great time!

  4. Jen/YVR says:

    Ok – that was what I thought! Argan oil had recently become the latest, greatest thing in hair care here in Canada, and for good reason. I’ve been using it and just love it. But I think I will have to grab some to try on my skin as well!

    We’re actually staying right in Saint Germain – on rue Saint-Andre des Arts, just north of the Odeon metro station – so thanks so much for your suggestions! Any others you may have would be greatly appreciated!

    • Kerry says:

      I love the MoroccanOil brand that has argan oil in it–for hair. So big in the States too. That is a great place to stay. I lived just by Odéon when I was in cooking school in Paris. I love most of the places on rue de Seine. Grom has great ice cream, as does Amorino. Place Saint-Sulpice has great shopping. I love the steak-frites at Le Relais de l’Entrocote on rue Saint-Benoît. I love doing breakfast at Café Flore or Les Deux Magots. Also, if you want to venture, L’As du Fallafel is a great falafel joint (literally, a joint) in Le Marais, and I used to love Spring when it was in Montmartre–now it’s in the First. I haven’t been to the new restaurant, but I’m sure it’s great. Have fun!

  5. says:

    We are in Paris again after 4 years of absence…and we, too, fell in love with theis Kellogg cereal. We read the ingredients list in amazement, our Francophile son explaining that France does not allow the plethora of additives, artificial flavors and sugar substitutesbthat the ‘good old USA’ allows in its foods. When we came back to New Jersey, we rushed to buy the cereal here hoping it might taste the same. One bite of it and we spit it out. It was AWFUL! It tasted like chemicals and plastic. Just unworldly. I was so incensed that I wrote to Kellogg’s here in the US to tell them our experience and to complain. They wrote back telling me that American taste tests and focus groups have shown that this is the taste Americans prefer. I cannot believe that they ever let them have a swig of the French version. Imagine, to save a few cents per box, they will not make what is a VERY popular product in France available in the US. Shame on them and shame on us, as a country.

    Needless to say, I spent some time trying to order or import a case of these blessed morsels into the no avail. So, before we leave Paris tomorrow, we are buying 4 boxes to gently place in our luggage. Alas, it will, last us less than a month!

    • Kerry says:

      This post just made my day. I tell you, when the Chocolate Delight or whatever it’s called Special K was released in the US, like ten years after I’d first had it in France, I thought, FINALLY! The day has come! But it is not nearly the same. The flakes–completely different. You can SEE the whole grains in the French flakes. And then just simple curls of chocolate. I just snuck two bags back in my suitcase from Provence! I’m rationing myself. It is not easy. Thank you so much for commenting. A kindred spirit!

      p.s. If you ever do find a way to import, please share!

  6. Jessica says:

    I loved the idea until I bad taken a bite of the first spoon full. Not at all as they way it is.