The Paul Macaron Frappé

Pistachio Macaron Frappé Up Close

There's a macaron in here. I'm serious!

I have loved macarons for a really long time.  And when I am in Paris, and get the chance to buy the really good ones, I guard them with my life until I get them home, so there are no chips or dents or cracks to mar that magnificent exterior.  I guess I feel the same way about my macarons as some people feel about their Bentleys.  I don’t want them damaged.  Precious goods!

So when I saw that Paul, the French bakery that seems to be suddenly cropping up all over the world, in London was making “macaron frappés,” I obviously had to find out what was going on.  Imagine your typical frappé–usually a coffee drink, blended up with ice.  Like a coffee slushy.  So, it’s kind of like that, but substitute a macaron for the coffee.

First, it starts with a choice.  Pistachio, raspberry, chocolate, or vanilla.  If that doesn’t slay you where you stand, then they make your frappé.  I chose pistachio.  So they took a large pistachio macaron and, horror of horrors, stuffed in into the blender!  With milk, cream, and tons of ice.  As it swirled together, the whole blender turned pale, Easter egg green, and as they poured my frappé into its cup, despite my shattered macaron, I was giddy with anticipation.

I loved it.  I’m allergic to coffee, so this was that much more exciting to me.  It wasn’t too sweet–the only sweetness coming from the macaron.  There was the hint of almond-pistachio flavor, gentle, in a kind of milkshake, but not nearly so cloying or thick as a milkshake.  It was cold, and crunchy from the ice, and mild and delicious.  Most of all, refreshing.  And of course, I loved it all the more for knowing there was a macaron inside.

I just can’t believe I voluntarily crushed a macaron.  And loved it!

Pistachio Macaron Frappé

Macaron Frappé At Paul, London

At Paul, London

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3 Responses to The Paul Macaron Frappé

  1. Savorique says:

    Very original concept which I was not aware of, as a former Parisian. I have not even noticed such offering last month when I was in Paris. Maybe it’s a London exclusive?

    • Kerry says:

      I think it is. I didn’t see it in Paris! I’m going to try to make my own version this week, if I can find some pistachio macarons.

  2. Amy says:

    My God those come straight from the teat of angels.