A Poilâne Apple Turnover A Day…

Poilâne Chausson aux Pommes

Poilâne Chausson aux Pommes, or Apple Slipper

I never eat breakfast.  Never ever.  I’m allergic to eggs.  I don’t love sweets…especially not first thing.  What’s the point?

So, in my Saturday trip to Poilâne, I picked up what they’re most famous for: chausson aux pommes.  Apple turnovers.  Which really translates to slippers of apples.  And I love that kind of charming anachronism that the French language lends to its foods.  Apple slippers.  How old fashioned and absolutely lovely.

There are no chunks of apples.  There is no cinnamon.  It’s not really an apple turnover in the American sense of the word.  The middle is brimming and oozing with something like an apple sauce-turned-paste, honeyed in sweetness and color and flavor.  And as you bite into the hand-crimped edge of the flaky, crusty, substantial dough, every so slightly burnt on the underside because someone actually made it, the appleness oozes out around the corners of your lips and you can’t help but kiss back.

I had it cold, and in a rush.  A quickie before a seven-hour meeting at the office.  Imagine what might have happened if I had it fresh from a warm oven, on a Saturday morning.  Somethings are too magical to even bear thinking about.

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2 Responses to A Poilâne Apple Turnover A Day…

  1. Nikki says:

    First off, I love your blog! Great food ideas and recipes that you can incorporate into a busy schedule!
    As to this post, I am jealous of you London dwellers having your own Poilane. The chausson aux pomme is amazing! When I was a grad student, I spent time living in Paris and I would commute every Saturday morning(taking two trains!) to get to Poilane and buy the bread and the chausson aux pomme.
    Reading this post and looking at the pictures has left my mouth watering!

    • Kerry says:

      THANK YOU! And, I totally understand you on the Poilane. I think I would travel to the ends of the earth. I know I said it translates to apple turnover, but let’s be real–it is so much more than that. And the bread! I didn’t even finish writing the posts, but I had it all week! A smoked ham and Gruyere tartine. Plain for breakfast. It’s so old school–eating it just makes me feel right.