What’s for Thanksgiving dinner?

Everyone around the office is asking each other where they’re going and what they’re making for the big day tomorrow.  In case you’re looking for some last-minute inspiration (or you’re my relative!), this is what I’ll be doing.

To Start

Last week’s Mushrooms “à L’Escargot”, of course!  Done family style, in the center of the table, in a big gratin dish.

The Turkey

I’m still deciding on whether it will be fresh or dried herbes de Provence, but I will steam the bird in a rack in a roasting pan, wrapped in foil, with a bit of white wine and stock, and then will uncover it and rub it with an herb compound butter.  I will then be finishing the gravy with cloves of roasted garlic that baked along with the bird.  Yum!

The Sides

Outdoor grilled Brussels sprouts from my mother’s garden, tossed with this Sherry-Thyme vinaigrette (thank you to my friend Julie for the vinaigrette recipe!)

We never have Thanksgiving without haricots verts.  I’m trying this recipe with tomato-almond pesto from Bon Appetit this year.

We usually do potatoes au gratin, but I have triumphed this year, and am sneaking in some potatoes boulangères for a change.  I’m still fine-tuning my recipe, but if you want a guide, this one from Jamie Oliver looks good.

I will be experimenting with a cranberry mustard.  Hopefully I’ll have the recipe for you next year, but I’ll be bubbling down some cranberries and sugar, and mixing with two types of Maille mustard: classic Dijon and whole grain.

The Cheese

Mr. English has insisted on a cheese course.  We’re doing a trilogy, along with thinly sliced apples, clusters of grapes, and walnuts.  Plus more cranberry mustard, and a giant boule.


I usually love to make apple cider sorbet, but this year, we are going deep on pies, because no one can agree on which pie is acceptable.  Pumpkin for the Americans.  Pecan which seems to be more acceptable to the French.  And then coconut cream, because we have lost all sense of propriety and self-control.  I will be attempting a brûlé top on the pumpkin pie, and will be serving it with a freshly whipped maple-whisky cream.

I hope you have a beautiful, bursting Thanksgiving.  In my family, we go around the table with a a Champagne toast.  Everyone says what he or she is thankful for.  It is sobering at times, ebullient at others.  I am certainly thankful to be able to share food and conversation with you all.  So, merci and bon app!

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