Happy Thanksgiving

The unthinkable has happened!  I woke up this morning, on Thanksgiving, only to go to work!  Such is living in London.  Maman is coming over from the States, and so we will be able to have about half our family set together to do our traditional Champagne ‘I am thankful for…’ toast.  But, as career pursuits in London have robbed me of my usual cooking time, we are doing it in a restaurant!

I will seriously miss the pumpkin pie and stuffing, but since we usually do a half French Thanksgiving, I booked us into a cozy, hearth-warmed French restaurant here in London.  And tomorrow, off to Paris for more eating adventures.  But in the meantime, just know, I am highly jealous of you all back home having real Thanksgivings with real American food.  Please comment and let me know what you’re making or have made so I can live vicariously.  And if you need some last minute inspiration, here are some recipes I hope are worthy of the day.

Thanksgiving Collage

To Start




The Morning After

Bon app!

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2 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Vivian says:

    just found your blog.. and its awesome. too bad i didn’t come across it before thanksgiving, these recipes look great! I will have to pin them to try later. we celebrated thanksgiving with turkey, my moms amazing sausage and apple stuffing, corn bread, a cheddar and pimento green bean casserole I found on pinterest, apple cider sangria, apple pear crisp, and sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows. Thanksgiving always makes me wonder why I don’t make these foods year round. I guess they wouldn’t be so special if they were eaten more often. :)

    • Kerry says:

      Vivian, that Thanksgiving sounds like some sort of fall heaven. I love apple cider sangria. Have you ever made it using the French ciders from Normandy and Brittany? Killer! And your mom’s stuffing sounds amazing. I’m definitely in the market for a great stuffing recipe. It’s not traditional for us, so I don’t have one that’s been passed down. But it’s my favorite part of the meal (aside from the pumpkin pie of course!).